Thursday, August 5, 2010

Humbled, Once Again

 During our performance tonight at the historic El Cid,   I realized there was still a lot to be learned in the world of flamenco. Dancing alongside the premiere flamenco singer, Antonio de Jerez, I felt both proud and also humbled.  I had worked many days and hours to perfect my Solea por Buleria choreography, and, although I made it through without any major spills or mishaps, there were still some 'weak' areas that needed more work and practice. In the stifling heat up in the stage area (my fellow dancer's sweat flung out to the audience when she spun), we did our best to demonstrate authentic, pure gypsy flamenco. Given all the factors involved, however, this was still an important feat to accomplish.  First, El Cid is where some famous Los Angeles based artists have performed, including, my maestra and mentor, Linda Andrade.  If that's not enough pressure, we got only short notice for tonight's opportunity. We rehearsed the best we could the night before. Still, all the outward bravado, inner strength, and posture required in puro flamenco, could not replace knowing how to work well with your cuadro mates. For example, we were told to watch for visual cues from the singer, Antonio, an essential thing to keep the choreography moving smoothly.  And improvising could only take you so far. Some of the mini 'fiesta' style pieces like Tangos and Bulerias, could have used better collaboration.  

All said, tere were still some fabulous moments in our cuadro tonight, moments that made me proud, made my maestra proud. We had come a long way. But the one thing that flamenco is here to teach you, is that you must remain humble...

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